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This guided meditation is a variance on the classic lovingkindness practice, but tailored specifically to cultivate self-compassion. So first, make sure you are in a comfortable position, sitting either on a meditation cushion or on a chair, something very comfortable where you can sit upright and yet relaxed. And settle into your posture.

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Guided meditation reiki: The script and the music. This is the full script of the above video. Please feel free to use this guided meditation reiki for your reiki sharing/healing and meditation groups. It makes a perfect warm up session to get people in the healing mood as it opens the chakras as well as connecting yourself with higher energies.

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Guided Meditation Script For Relaxation. This is a progressive guided meditation script for relaxation that has been condensed so that you can relax your physical entire physical body in just 8 minutes. Find yourself a quiet place to relax. Let your hands rest loosely …

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By using a meditation script you can; Find inspiration on where to take your meditation experience! Get into a meditative state, easily! Give your thoughts a direction! I sometimes meditate on specific issues in my life and using a per-written or per-recorded meditation script, helps me keep my attention focused on the goal I have set forth ...

Meditation Scripts For Groups

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This script should be spoken at a slow and relaxed pace, and will take around 25 minutes to read aloud. For more free scripts, or to contribute a script of your own, please follow this link to the guided meditation script main page. Chakra Healing Guided Meditation Script

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14 Oct 2017 - Explore jhumphries17's board "Yoga centering scripts" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Yoga meditation, Yoga and Meditation scripts.

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Guided Meditation Scripts Basic Meditation Scripts. This breathing awareness relaxation script will guide you... Meditations for Healing. Relaxation of any type is effective for pain management. Active Meditation Exercises. This quick morning relaxation is a guided energy starter... Meditations ...

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Using A Guided Meditation Script for Peace and Tranquility. Guided Meditation Script. Use this free guided meditations outline and guided meditation script to experience a deep feeling of peace, tranquility and transcendence. Meditation is a wonderful experience and provides an opportunity to draw deeper into your own being.

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Script/Exercise #2: Loving-Kindness Meditation for Out-groups Another valuable exercise from the Positive Psychology Toolkit is the Loving-Kindness Meditation for Out-groups . An out-group is a group of people who do not belong to a particular in-group.

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Spiritual Meditation Script. Meditation is effective in reducing blood pressure, decreasing anxiety, improving pain tolerance, raising mood, and counteracting the harmful effects of stress. Spiritual is defined here as whatever gives YOU meaning. You will need to think of a short phrase that is meaningful for you – more on that in a moment.

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Mar 06, 2017 · A brief mindfulness meditation practice to relax your body and focus your mind. ... However, you can also use the script below for guidance for yourself or for leading this practice for others. Begin by bringing your attention into your body. You …

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You can also find guided meditation scripts here. Please note: All scripts on The Guided Meditation Site are presented merely as a source of inspiration to help you write you own script. You cannot use any of our scripts to create your own recordings or videos. However you may read our scripts aloud in classes

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meditation and relaxation is always compassionate and curious, never judgmental or rigid. Notice the sensations as you take a breath in through your nose, inhale it through your throat, and into the lungs. Notice the sensations as the lungs expand to full capacity. Hold the breath for a …

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Simple Grounding Meditation Script. Part 1: Body Awareness. It’s important not to place any heavy demands on yourself. The purpose is to relax. Whilst having a specific meditation object, such as the breath, is beneficial for certain practices, it does increase the likelihood of becoming too tense of frustrated in the attempt to stay focused.

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Sep 06, 2014 · Melissa Eisler is an ICF Certified Leadership and Executive Coach, certified meditation and yoga instructor, and author. She created Mindful Minutes to offer practical, relatable anecdotes and tips on how to bring mindfulness into the busyness of the digital age.

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Oct 08, 2018 · Hi and welcome. I'm here to offer you a simple way to use your mind and your imagination to create for yourself a state of mind that's peaceful, pleasant, relaxing, restful, and refreshing.

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Mar 20, 2019 · Meditation Script #2 for Inner Peace, Happiness, and Calm. Although this meditation is designed to be practised in bed as you wake up to help you set your intention for the day, you can practice it anytime during the day when you feel pushed, strained, or pulled in too many directions.

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Jun 01, 2014 · Natural environments are calming for many people, so using a guided imagery forest script is an excellent way to reduce stress. The protected feeling of being underneath a canopy of trees allows the participant to feel in control of what happens in the forest, and may offer them a sense of comfort and peace.

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6. Gratitude meditation by Deepak Chopra. Deepak Chopra, an American author, and motivator of Indian origin, is one of the most valued meditation trainers and alternative medicine specialists of today.His gratitude meditation script has found a worldwide acceptance and is extremely helpful for those who are looking for a vent to let out the negative emotions and stress.


BASIC MINDFULNESS-MEDITATION PRACTICE Sitting on a straight-backed chair or couch or on a cushion on the floor, allow your body to become still. The back is straight without being stiff; the posture is relaxed, awake, and dignified. The hands can rest gently on the knees or in the lap. The eyes are open, simply resting the gaze on

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Guided Imagery for Groups: Fifty Visualizations That Promote Relaxation, Problem-Solving, Creativity, and Well-Being by Andrew E. Schwartz is exactly the type of meditation book I've been seeking. It's designed for one person to lead a group of others in a silent meditation, and then the book includes some discussion questions and suggested ...

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Jun 28, 2013 · Here are 3 Short Guided Meditation Scripts to Use with your Clients for Relaxation and Calm: Tip: Make sure to speak slowly and softly. I actually have a different 'voice' I use when I help my clients with guided meditations.

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Transcript for the Lovingkindness Meditation Author: VACCHCS Stress Management Program Subject: Transcript for the Lovingkindness Meditation Keywords: self-connection, relaxation, meditation, mindfulness based stress reduction, MBSR Created Date: 12/20/2013 1:46:06 PM

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I appreciate you reading and practicing with our gratitude meditation script! If you follow this script you will find yourself growing in appreciation for the gifts in your life. You will start to notice that you approach situations differently and handle problems with new energy. Focus on the gifts of your life and you will expand and thrive!

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Guided Meditation Script: How regular meditation helps. A guided meditation script may facilitate attaining calm and tranquility. There are so many meditation techniques available to people who want to de-stress and relax. Anyone who knows what to do to meditate can perform meditation


Meditation is a very special method of praying. Prayer is bringing your mind, soul and spirit to God’s presence, to God Almighty himself. In a regular prayer, you use words to articulate your thoughts (out loud or silently). But when you meditate, instead of using your voice, you use your imagination – thoughts inside your mind.

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Healing guided meditation script. Approx. 7 mins including a minute of silence at the end. • Sit or lie in a comfortable position • Allow your body to relax & be still • Allow the muscles to soften & lengthen • Notice any sensations that arise anywhere in the body

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Guided meditation scripts for groups are resources that can assist us in delivering words and messages of tranquility. If you’re new to guiding others in this way, scripts offer step-by-step support to guide you through specific practices.

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Visualization Meditation Script 1: Rays of Light. Begin by settling yourself. Sit in a meditation posture and take a few deep, calming breaths. When your feel ready, imagine looking with your mind’s eye into a deep, clear blue sky. In the centre of this open space is a sun. Experience the blue sky as your mind: pure, broad, free of constraints.