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The Navy ASVAB score requirements are similar to that of the ASVAB scores for Coast Guard jobs.They differ in the minimum scores required since, for the Navy, you will be required to get at least 31 if with a high school diploma, and if with an equivalency, you need at least 50.

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Air Force: 36: 60: In very rare cases, if you possess special skills (such as speaking a foreign language that the Air Force considers critical), the minimum AFQT score can be waived. The Air Force allows less than 1 percent of its enlistees each year to have a high school equivalency test certificate instead of a high school diploma. Army: 31: 50

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Jul 11, 2019 · The Air Force has four composite score areas made up from the individual ASVAB sub-tests, known as MAGE. All of the Air Force line scores are percentile scores, ranging from 0-99. The four composite score areas that make up MAGE are: M = Mechanical Aptitude Score - Determined from General Science (GS), Mechanical Comprehension (MC), and Auto ...

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The ASVAB is a timed multi-aptitude test, which is given at over 14,000 schools and Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) nationwide.

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Air Force ASVAB Scores. Applicants with a high school diploma must get a 31 or higher on the AFQT to qualify to join the Air Force. Also, over 90 percent of those approved for Air Force enlistment do score 50 or above. Your recruiter may ask you to return when you get a score of 50 or higher. Air Force

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Oct 18, 2017 · Honestly, the asvab just shows you a base line of your knowledge at that point. You can score really low in a certain area, but still choose the job in that area. Example from myself: I scored the lowest in mechanical, but I became an aircraft mec...

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1A0X1 In-Flight Refueling G-55 1A1X1
1A3X1 Airborne Mission System E-70 1A4X1
1A7X1 Aerial Gunner M-60 or E-45 1A8X1
1C0X1 Aviation Resource Management A-45 1C1X1
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Welcome to the United States Air Force. Learn about great opportunities for enlisted airmen, officers and health care professionals.

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Aug 20, 2019 · For job qualification, the Air Force takes individual Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) scores, and re-computes them into four composite scores for Air Force Aptitude Areas. The four composite score (aptitude) areas are General, Administrative, Mechanical, and Electric/Electronic.

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May 20, 2019 · Air Force recruits must score at least 36 points the 99-point ASVAB. The overall ASVAB score is known as the AFQT score, or Armed Forces Qualification Test score. Exceptions may be made, however, for a handful of high school graduates who can score as low as 31. The vast majority, some 70 percent, of those accepted for an Air Force enlistment ...

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Apr 28, 2020 · When enlisting in the Air Force, all new recruits are able to select a job, called Air Force Specialty Codes, or AFSC’s. But first they have to meet the minimum qualifications for that job, including a minimum score on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or ASVAB. The ASVAB determines which skills the test-taker has an aptitude ...

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After completing the ASVAB and receiving your score, you can then decide which job, from the list of eligible jobs for your particular score you would like to choose for your career in the military. Jobs in the Army and Marine Corps are referred to as an “MOS” or Military Occupational Specialty and in the Air Force it jobs are referred to as an “AFSC” or Air Force Specialty Code.

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Jan 17, 2020 · They also must meet the minimum Air Force ASVAB requirements. Related Article – Marine Corps Military Police (MOS 5811): Career Details. Requirements. The standard qualification for Air Force recruits is to have normal color vision and be between the ages of 17 and 39.

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Explanation: The first three have some of the highest ASVAB requirements of any job in the Air Force, so of course they are going to have higher average numbers. They are also very technical career fields that require someone able to learn difficult material quickly.

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The Air Force divides its jobs into four basic categories -- general, mechanical, administrative and electrical. It scores you in each category based on your performance on the ASVAB. For example, the Air Force bases your electrical score on how well you did in the arithmetic reasoning, mathematics knowledge, electronics information and general ...

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Air Force Specific Army Specific Navy Specific Show Jobs. Enter one or more ASVAB subtest scores in the score calculator and click the "Show Jobs" button to show all the US Military jobs that those ASVAB scores qualify you for. Jobs by Subtest. AFQT (AFQT) Auto Information (AI) Assembling Objects (AO) Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)

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Before thinking about which Air Force jobs you might like, it's important to understand what Qualification Areas, or QAs, are. The Air Force uses these to help figure out where to plug you in based on your AFQT scoring. For example, a Public Affairs General QA minimum score is G72 -- …

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Note: AFSCs (Jobs) with more than one score area listed require a qualifying score in both areas. For example, in order to qualify for 5R0X1, Chaplain Service Support, one would need to score at least 43 in the "General" area of the Air Force ASVAB Composite Scores, and at least a 40 in the "Administrative" area of the Air Force ASVAB Composite Scores.

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1A0X1 In-Flight Refueling Specialist G55
1A1X1 Flight Engineer G55
1A2X1 Aircraft Loadmaster G57
1A3X1 Airborne Mission Systems Specialist G55
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Air Force Careers. Explore careers. and find your purpose. There are two ways to find careers. that might suit you best. Take our personal career assessment. Or explore below on your own. What areas interest you? Filters are applied: High School / Enlisted. College Graduate / Officer. Professional careers. Law Professional. Ministry Professional.

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Latest Air Force Officer Classification Directory which has official job descriptions and which degrees are required/desired for certain jobs. 11U/18R - RQ-4B Pilot - AFOQT/TBAS - Correctable 20/20, Color Vision Required - Top Secret Clearance. 13BX - Air Battle Manager - AFOQT/TBAS - Color Vision Required - Top Secret Clearance.

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Dec 20, 2018 · The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or the ASVAB, tests your knowledge of basic concepts and skills to date, and determines what branch and rank in the military you are eligible for. Generally, this is knowledge you would have acquired in high school. However, there are sections of the test that you may not have been specifically taught in class, but measure your knowledge of ...

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The Navy calls its enlisted jobs ratings and uses an alphanumeric system to categorize each Navy Occupational Specialty, or NOS. The Navy offers about 80 types of jobs to entry-level recruits. This branch doesn’t use line scores for job-qualification purposes. Instead, the Navy combines scores from the various ASVAB subtests for each of its ...

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Jobs in the Air Force are categorized by Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) and a minimum score in a particular qualification area (derived from your Air Force ASVAB line scores) is required for each. Below is a table for each qualification area and the minimum score required for each individual AFSC job.

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May 17, 2020 · The Armed Services Vocational Battery (ASVAB) is a series of test used by the U.S. Armed Forces to help you find a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) in the Army and Marine Corps, a rating in the Navy or Coast Guard, or an AFSC in the Air Force.

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MOS ARMY JOB TITLE Minimum ASVAB Line Scores; 09C: Trainee Language: AFQT 21-30, ECLT 40 - 74, AO:54: 09L: Interpreter/ Translator: ECLT:50: 09S: US Army Commissioned Officer Candidate

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The ASVAB test is a timed, multiple-choice aptitude test administered in paper or computerized form to armed forces applicants. Each multiple-choice question has four answers of which only one answer could be correct.Preparing for the ASVAB exam is like using ACT practice tests or SAT practice tests. Unlike standardized tests taken in schools and college entrance exams, however, you want to answer every question even if you have to guess at some of the answers to the questions. You are not pe...

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In the Air Force, jobs are called AFSC – Air Force Specialty Code. In the Navy they are known as an NEC - Navy Enlisted Classification and the Coast Guard, jobs are called ratings, or rate for ...